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Magnolia is a story centered around the life of a 16 year old girl, Rachel Quintino, who discovers there's more to her than she thought. Ever since her mom died, her life has been a bit dysfunctional with a drunk for a father, except for the fact that she has learned that she possesses the power of Telekenisis. Which kind of makes the world more interesting from her point of view. Starring Aaliyah Ragoonath-Maharaj, Arianna Thomas, Emmanuel Alexis, Khaliyah Jaggernath and Charli Griffith.

The Mss. Francois

"A inspired by her own personal frustration with looking for Mr right. This show combines comedy with reality. It's a relationship focus talk show with a comedic twist. But be prepared for great entertainment and some in-depth conversation with her guest. PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU. *Suited for Adults* "


Aryn sits and chats with fellow Jamaicans about trending topics and lifesyle in the island of Jamaica.

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A show connecting patrons of Cosplay from around the world.

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Join Dani as she sits with established and “up and coming” Caribbean entertainers from all walks of life, to chop it up (pun intended) about their life, what’s to come (in their industries), trending topics, and “foodie” guilty pleasures.

Night Rogue

Infection, tells the story of Jason Kyle, and Renee fisher, post apocalypse survivors living in a world overrun by flesh eating monsters known as the infected. Staying alive is a constant struggle as they discover that the infected are not The only threat to their survival.